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MessageExport for Outlook

Convert .msg or .eml files to .pdf

MsgViewer Pro lets you convert one, or tens of thousands of .msg or .eml email messages directly to PDF in a single operation.
1. Select the email message you want to convert
2. Click the "Export" button
3. Select the export format (PDF, TXT, JGP, BMP, GIF, TIF, etc)
4. Configure the naming scheme. MsgViewer Pro supports bates stamp" style naming
5. Configure the miscellaneous criteria, such as how to handle file attachments, whether the file name should be included in the exported document.
6 Begin your export
Here is a short video that demonstrates exporting .msg files to PDF using MsgViewer Pro:

The length of time required to complete the export will depend upon the number of email files selected, the graphic format chosen, and the type of email documents (html formatted emails with hosted graphics take longer to render than text formatted emails).
If you have Microsoft Outlook installed, a product called MessageExport may work well for you to convert Outlook emails.
MsgViewer is regularly tested on export batches of 50,000 emails.
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